Aura and Chakra Cleansing - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Melek Metatron

The aura and chakra cleansing essence supports and effects:

☆  Cleansing of all chakras

☆  Cleansing of all aura layers

☆  Purification of the physical body and cells

☆  Release from attachments of collective energies

☆  Clarity

☆  Lightness

☆  Promotes the energetic flow of energies

☆  Power and strength

Content: 50ml

Healing and Renewal - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Elohim Lumina

The healing and renewal light essence supports and effects:

☆  Healing on all levels

☆  Activates your inner healer

☆  Boosts your self-healing powers

☆  Restores balance on all levels

☆  Well-being sets in

☆  Renewal of your structures

☆  Renewal of your cells

☆  Makes you feel your wholeness

Content: 50ml
Redemption - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Jesus Christ

The redemption light essence supports and effects:

☆  God's Son lays his loving hands over you

☆  Redemption of your soul takes place

☆  Deep-seated energetic wounds, pain, suffering and torments are released

☆  Your emotional body is released

☆  Your physical body experiences redemption

☆  Healing can happen

☆  Peace comes into your soul

☆  Deep love fills your being

Content: 50ml
Demarcation and Protection - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Maha Cohan

The demarcation and protection light essence supports and effects:

☆  Separate yourself from non-serving collective energies

☆  Protection from collective energies

☆  Protection against mental assault

☆  Centers you

☆  Helps you stay with yourself

☆  Lets you take a step back

☆  Helps you see from a higher perspective

☆  Strengthens your entire energy system

Content: 50ml

Manifestation - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Myriel

The manifestation light essence supports and effects:

☆  Expands your spiritual abilities

☆  Frees your mental spirit

☆  Purifies and opens your third eye

☆  The mystical healing spirit circulates through your being

☆  Bundles the power of your thoughts

☆  Lets you feel your personal power

☆  You gain access to your soul's desires and visions

☆  Your desires and visions manifest themselves

Content: 50ml

Grounding and Stability - Aura Light Essence
Energy of Seth and Adonai Ashtar Sheran

The grounding and stability light essence supports and effects:

☆  Grounds you on all levels

☆  Balances your feminine and masculine energies

☆  Stabilizes your energies

☆  Gives power and strength

☆  Leads you into the Unified Chakra

☆  Optimally aligns your energy flows

☆  Connects you deeply with Planet Earth / Sol'A'Vana

☆  Aligns your bio-rhythm with the flow of God's breath

Content: 50ml

Joy and Bliss - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Lady Nada and Angel of Joy

The joy and bliss essence supports and effects:

☆  Waves of joy flow through your being

☆  Your divine flame expands

☆  The radiance of bliss touches your soul

☆  Guides you into lightness and liveliness

☆  Makes your mind step aside

☆  Union of your chakras

☆  Demarcation

☆  Connects you deeply with your inner child

Content: 50ml

Abundance - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Seraphis Bey

The abundance essence supports and effects:

☆  Leads you deep into the creative power

☆  Connects you deeply to the divine stream of abundance

☆  Grace energies flow to you

☆  Expansion of energies

☆  Bundling of energies

☆  Makes you feel “You are worth it”

☆  Reminds you of your true size

☆  Resistance dissolves

Content: 50ml

Power and Strength - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Seth and Melek Metatron

The power and strength essence supports and effects:

☆  The divine radiance illuminates your soul

☆  The pure power of God flows through you

☆  Your energies circulate faster

☆  Your energy fields expand

☆  Makes you feel your abilities more intense

☆  Carries you into the fulfillment of your manifestations

☆  Allows you to feel your intention more deeply

☆  Leads you to the state of uncompromise

☆  Power and love increase your consciousness

Content: 50ml

Forgiveness and Freedom - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Angel Michael

The forgiveness and freedom essence supports and effects:

☆  Your inner lightsword Excalibur rises

☆  Helps you forgive others and yourself

☆  The gate of freedom opens, step through

☆  Frees you from old burdens

☆  Unhelpful promises, oaths, vows dissolve

☆  Realize you are free, nothing is holding you back

☆  Guides you into self-love

☆  Purifies all your energies

Content: 50ml

Human love - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Jesus and Maria Magdalena

The human love essence supports and effects:

☆  Dissolves family entanglements on the topic of human love

☆  Frees you from unhelpful energies from previous incarnations

☆  Frees your heart from painful memories

☆  Allows your true soul energy to become visible

☆  Harmonizes all relationships

☆  Strengthens the feeling of unity between two people

☆  Pure love flows through you

☆  Helps you live your true self

Content: 50ml

Rest and Peace - Aura Light Essence

Energy of Lao Tse

The rest and peace essence supports and effects:

☆  Leads you to a state of inner peace

☆  Peace is in and with you

☆  The lightness of being fills you

☆  Clarity arises

☆  You are one with the moment

☆  Helps you to be more calm

☆  Helps you meditate

☆  Makes you feel “everything is fine”

☆  Helps with sleep disorders

Content: 50ml

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