About us

My name is Nijaz Tanjo, El'Nama'Dilaih (The Creator) is my cosmic origin name. At this time I am working as a light pioneer of the golden-blue frequency and have the task of bringing energies from the higher realms of divine reality here to the beautiful planet Earth/SOL'A'VANA.
I do this in my being, as a medium of the new age, by imparting new knowledge and making it available in various forms to all people who are interested in it. I have been working as a freelancer since 2005 and I am very happy to be able to do this work.
With deep love, esteem and respect, I bid you welcome to METALICHT (engl. METALIGHT). May the light of love embedded on this website illuminate your life and take you a little further, back to your soul, back to your origins, if you allow it. I wish that with all my heart.
I'm Gerda Myriel and I'm proud to be part of the golden-blue family, as well as of Metalicht. Nothing makes me happier than being on earth with you and being able to extend my heart's hand to you right now in these moving times.
With the deepest devotion, immeasurable love, mindfulness and clear intention, I work as a medium of the new age in many areas, for the people, mother earth "Sol'A'Vana", for everything that is. My joy is unspeakable, to everything that may come and I can experience together with you and hug you deep in my heart.

Our joint works

The following energetic works/products have emerged from our joint light work: New Technologies (excluding SOL'A'VANA Pillar of Light). All other works/products/music/items are created by Nijaz El'Nama'Dilaih Tanjo. BY THE WAY, WE ARE NOT MARRIED AND NOT A COUPLE 🙂
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