Where do the crystals of divine reality come from?

The crystals come from the time of ancient Atlantis, have the highest energy and come from the highest light. Each crystal has its own consciousness, is assigned to a deity and is pure living energy.

The crystals actually exist in an as yet undiscovered room located in the Great Pyramid of Giza. The crystals were anchored there by Toth the Atlantean, with the help of the blue folk priesthood, some 12,000 years ago.

After Atlantis fell, the ancient knowledge, along with the crystals, should be available for the present time of humanity's ascension. The task of providing the crystals for the present day was given to the German medium Sabine Sangitar. She channeled every single crystal and gave it to all people for their own use. At this point a big thank you (AN'ANASHA) from the bottom of my heart to Sabine Sangitar.

What possibilities do the crystals offer and how can I use them?

The crystals are part of the universal language of light (Elohim language) ARI SO AM, which people can learn again in the years to come.

The more you work with the crystals, the more you will feel how powerful and strong the crystals are.

You can use it to energize water, food, rooms or objects. When meditating, it is recommended to place the crystals on your chakras. The energies of the crystals always work for your highest good, so they can never be misused. Since the crystals come from the divine reality, they are neutral, which means they are not subject to any judgment or collective thoughts. The effect of the crystals is pure and non-manipulative. They are pure love. Always be aware of the high and divine energy when working with the crystals.

Visualize the crystal, become aware of the effect of the crystal and use it as your intuition advises you. Say the name out loud or just think it. You can send the crystals across time and space or send them to support other people. If you are in your unified chakra (all chakras united into one large ball of light) and send the crystals in the love intention, then they have a particularly powerful effect. It doesn't matter which side of the crystal is up or down. The crystals have their own consciousness and seek their way out of divine reality into your reality.

Use the crystals as often as you can. As a result, the consciousness of the crystals is stored more and more in your cell water!

When using the crystals, processes/transformations can also occur that are beneficial, e.g. to dissolve old patterns.

List of all crystals and their meaning


AKRASYS - The guardians of knowledge

Scriptures of the Ancient Gods, Guardians of the Isis Energies, Masculine Energies, Guardians of Earth's Planetary Grids, Guardians of Magnetic Energies, Trust


AL'RANIAS - Holy Grail Trust

The guardians of the knowledge of Avalon want to make themselves felt in your soul. They want to convey messages to you. They strengthen and stabilize you. When your soul allows it, they overwhelm you with the knowledge that will benefit you in the present time of ascension.

Crystal AL'SHARA

AL'SHARA - The elemental force of life and the sun

Belonging to the 1st chakra. To feel secure and steadfast, to go about doing things, to make decisions, to live up to his responsibilities, to take on responsibility, peace, harmony.

Crystal AM'RI'NA

AM'RI'NA - Divine elemental force vibrates in my abilities

Belonging to the 6th chakra. Clairvoyance, creation of reality, receiving messages through images, beginning of true seeing.

Crystal AMA'NAA

AMA'NAA - Courage

AMA'NAA stands for the (spiritual) courage. This energy, embedded in you, lets you be courageous in your spirituality. It gives you the courage to show yourself as you are without having to wait for something or someone to go your own way.


AMA'RANUS - The big storage crystal

With the crystal AMA'RANUS you gain access to the carrier energies and manifestations stored in Quin'Taas and can transfer these into your being. These energies bring your inner and outer together and let you work out of these energies and manifestations.


AMBA'REES - The Lemurian love fire

Crystal for igniting the Lemurian love fire in you. The Lemurian energy is very important for our time epoch. AMBA'REES carries the primal information of you from the incarnations in Lemuria.


AN'ANASHA - Gratitude

Gratitude for ALL WHAT IS. Feel your gratitude in yourself and send it outward to create a flow between give and take. Say for everything deeply from your heart AN'ANASHA, also for every blockade and for every resistance. This will free you from anything that binds you and keeps you in the illusion.

Crystal AN'ANORA

AN'ANORA - Light energy

To build a pillar of light, enter your united chakra and open your alpha and omega chakra in the intention of love. Activate your sinus beam and place the three awakening crystals at the top. Let the sinus beam rotate counterclockwise across the square and say a short prayer in the light language. In addition, send the crystals: PRADNA, RUNA, ELEXIER

Crystal AN'THEAA

AN'THEAA - Compassion

Compassion is a divine attribute linked to the divine attributes of all-embracing love and gratitude. This can lead to profound changes. AN’THEAA is the crystal of the deepest union, the great human family, the union of all living energy, the crystal - which makes it possible to feel that every living being has the divine light within itself and is an expression of the divine source. Fear and worry dissolve when you accept AN’THEAA for yourself and let it work in your soul. Compassion means empathizing with individual people, in groups, in situations ... But what is important here is to recognize that compassion is not only empathy in suffering and pain, but above all means empathy that is let down in great abundance: love , the joy, the security, the peace.

Crystal ANA

ANA - Light

Let there be light in you so that you can carry it outward. Let there be light on earth. Go inside and visualize ANA. Imagine ANA flowing in every cell of your body. Flooded with light is your body and your light shines out into the universe.


ANA'ANARAA - Crystal of Redemption

ANA'ANARAA is the highest energy of salvation, it does not only deliver salvation in the soul, it calms and makes you feel the peace. This energy makes everything shine and envelops every living being with security and immeasurable love. ANA'ANARAA helps you free yourself from all collective energies that are not helpful to you. It works in the soul and lets you feel what life can mean.


ANA'LOTUS - Light Body

Light is in you. You emit light. The crystal ANA'LOTUS raises your light body in its energy frequency and increases you. Imagine how light manifests in every cell of your body and LOTUS awakens within you. The further you expand in your Light Body, the further you can escape the illusion.


ANASTRAL - Holy Grail Healing

Trust, healing, cell renewal, concentrated radiance, technology of divine reality, light pillars of the priesthood

Crystal ANSHAA

ANSHAA - Strengthens your spiritual abilities

This Light Crystal opens you up to your hidden and spiritual abilities, dissolving unhelpful structures in your Light Field.

Crystal ARIS

ARIS - Grounding

ARIS is grounding you. Draw yourself in the soles of your feet ARIS and feel the power with which you are connected to SOL'A'VANA (Mother Earth). You can also ask Metatron to draw ARIS with his ray of fire into your Lightbody. ARIS is an important crystal, because in order to ascend with your body, you need grounding. Only those who have roots can grow wings.

Crystal ARTEE

ARTEE - The group elder of Arcturus

The Arcturians are very loving, well-developed beings and have a close connection to humans. They form, together with the Ashtar fleet, the Higher Light Command. As you travel to other planets, call ARTEE. He will show you the way and guide you.

Crystal ASHTAR

ASHTAR - The Guardian of the Universes

ADONAI ASHTAR SHERAN is the commander of the Ashtar Command and responsible for order and peace in the universes. If you ask him, then he will accompany you on your travels beyond the stargate and invite you to his ship of light.

Crystal ATOROS

ATOROS - The Lightship Atoros

ATOROS is the light ship. Feel the energy of ATOROS. It will pick you up on the other side of the Stargate and serve you on your travels as a means of transport.

Crystal ATRANA

ATRANA - Pure feelings

Feel your feelings. Feel them without judging them. Do not judge yourself. Do not judge your feelings. Recognize the divinity in every feeling and be aware that love always stands behind every feeling. Send AN'ANASHA to every feeling.


AURI'JEMUS - The breath of God

No further information available.



The crystal AVATARA takes you to your center and leads your soul to peace and stability. Use AVATARA and go into it. Because in the center of your self there are no concerns, no worries and no fears. Feel love because it is the only thing that exists. Unite your chakras into a radiant sun.


BLUETANA - Holy Grail Devotion

Trust, humility, power, strength, transformation, miracles, healing

Crystal DANAS

DANAS - Soulstar

DANAS is your soul star. In him you are united with all your other selves. Send him and the related soul parts ELEXIER, OSAM and PRADNA and ask them to merge. Send over time and space and ask for energy increase, as it is correct and appropriate for each soul part.

Crystal DEVAR

DEVAR - Wish Fulfilment

DEVAR supports you in manifesting your wishes. In reality, there are no limits and no shortage. You can wish for anything your heart desires. But check with every wish, whether it comes from your heart or from your ego.

Crystal DI'TRASO

DI'TRASO - Decision

Immerse yourself with AVATARA in your center and separate yourself from all values and ideas. Visualize DI'TRASO and feel the crystal. Ask him for help. He will show you which decision serves your highest good.

Crystal DON'ADAS

DON'ADAS - Grace

Feel the grace in your heart. Grace will be granted to you as soon as you go the way of the light. Send DON'ADAS to people who surround you. Call the angels DON'ADAS if you need help. They manifest immediately in their full power.

Crystal EL'ACHAI

EL'ACHAI - I am here, peace, world peace

Jesus says that EL'ACHAI means in human words "the ever recurring life" and the energetic pattern of Jesus I AM HERE! At the same time, EL'ACHAI means peace for all peoples of this earth. Right now in the transitions to the New Age, this crystal is a blessing. He helps and supports Lady Shyenna in her transformations and at the same time the crystal of EL'ACHAI brings peace while and also during the transformations. If the crystal can flow freely, then it embeds itself like a net between the transformation processes with peace, love and security.

Crystal EL'AMARA

EL'AMARA - Stargate

Go through EL'AMARA to get from illusion to divine reality. Everything you feel and perceive beyond the stargate is divine reality. It is real. You are actually experiencing this. Learn to distinguish between the illusion of your reality, which consists only of thought constructs, and divine reality beyond the stargate. Always remember: nothing real can ever be destroyed. Nothing unreal can persist.


EL'GOTSHA - Letting go

Use this crystal for everything that binds you. Visualize EL'GOTSHA with problems, fears, doubts or resistances that you feel in your illusion and then let them draw in love and gratitude. Feel how the blockages you want to break fall away from you. This releases power and energy that you can use immediately.

Crystal EL'NORAS

EL'NORAS - Connecting crystal

Ask your personal group of angels to embed this crystal in your connection aspect. When the time comes, it will connect with all the embedded patterns and fully activate your merkabah. Through the crystal of El'Noras, "The Our Father of the New Era" and "The 10 Commandments of the New Era" will circulate in all your aspects. This creates a high energy pattern. It will be with you with every breath you take.


EL'SHARAN - Protective crystal

This crystal will protect you on your travels to Lemuria. Make El'Sharan appear before your third eye. Look at the crystal through your Third Eye and, with your deep intention, feel the energy of El'Sharan. Ask three of your aspects to move into this crystal and then send them to Lemuria for a few minutes.


ELEXIER - Unconditional Love

A ni o'heved o'drach - you are loved immeasurably. ELEXIER springs beyond the stargate. In your reality, you can already sense a hint of what it means in reality to be immensely loved. Everything is connected by ELEXIER.

Crystal ELISES

ELISES - Holy Grail Life

Renewal, self-love, power of miracles, writings of the ancient gods


ELLARI'JEMUS - Energy carrier

No further information available.

Crystal ELOO

ELOO - Transforming Resistance

Visualize ELOO as soon as you feel resistance and blockages in yourself or in your outside. Put ELOO on your limits and ask an angel, an ascended master, or your spirit guide to carry away the blockages and transform them into love in the universe.


ELOSSIUM - Origin energy El'Shaddai

El'Shaddai is the divine field that is closest to the divine source. People who come from this field have embarked on the longest journey into duality. The closer one is to the divine thought field, the more neutral the unconditional love appears. Since the divine source itself only knows love, this love cannot actually be felt. The first Central Universe is a very young universe in which many experiments have been carried out. So it was decided to let the universe be felt.

Crystal ELTA

ELTA - Masculine Energy

Visualize ELTA, the male energy and visualize SIAS, the feminine energy. Feel the balance between female and male energies in your body and find your center.

Crystal ENA

ENA - Forgiveness

Realize that everything that has happened in your life has been beneficial to your development. Send AN'ANASHA and ENA to each experience and dissolve it by not rating it anymore. Only then can you free yourself from your blockages and become free.

Crystal ESCHA'TA

ESCHA'TA - Link to the Christ-Self

Feel the connection to your Christ-Self who has his place deep in your heart. Connect with your ESCHA'TA and ESCHA'TA beyond the stargate. The power that comes from this brings you into divinity.


EXOLARIS - Journey to Ashtar Sheran

You are called to make a journey to ASHTAR SHERAN, the Keeper of the Universes. Visualize this crystal and embark on the journey. Make yourself free from all ideas and values. Be aware that you can not explain what you see beyond the stargate with your mind.


FARANEES - Holy Grail Miracle

Strength, Consolidation, Healing, Rest, Divine Power and Manifestation of the various energies


FERNES'ATORIUS - Origin energy Nuni

The universe Quadril 5 is a very old and wise universe. In this universe the created lights are called Nunis. These have the task of supplying all universes with magnetic energy. The lights that were created to go to earth and work there with their high magnetic energy were created exclusively by Adamea and Adamis.

Crystal GESHA

GESHA - The planet Venus

Venus is the planet of emotions. A trip to Venus is an important experience because it helps you to recognize that feelings are value-free. Often, many other beings are on Venus, because they may experience feelings there.

Crystal HANAR

HANAR - Patience

Realize that time is illusion. When you move in divine reality beyond the stargate, the minutes of the illusion will seem like hours to you. Visualize HANAR and set yourself above the illusion of time. Let things happen the way they happen. In times of apparent standstill happens the most.


HAR'ATORA - Harmony

This crystal creates harmony. Visualize or draw HAR'ATORA into your aura and feel the calm and serenity emanating from HAR'ATORA. Feel HAR'ATORA, which comes from the divine reality.

Crystal HY'LA'ANAR

HY'LA'ANAR - Perfect light of the divine reflection

Belonging to the 7th chakra. Humility, knowledge who you are, love, courage, strength of confidence, the awareness that nothing happens apart.


IDOS'DIE'ENNA - Origin energy Frequency of the Angels

The frequency of the angels is the largest field in the universe. Some creator angels create lights in both the frequency of the angels and the plane of the Elohim. That depends on the mission for which a light is being created. So the required original energy can be absorbed. The people who come from the frequency of the angels are people with very many abilities. They are usually characterized by good earthing, are conscientious and reliable.

Crystal JAWES

JAWES - Creative Power

Be aware that you are a creator. You carry JAWES in you. Awaken JAWES. Visualize JAWES and say: "Power JAWES I order that from now on everything happens for my highest good and I find abundance, wealth and human love in my life. AN'ANASHA. "

Crystal JESUS

JESUS - Jesus Christ

Jesus the Christ is called Lord Sananda in the cosmic realms. Jesus is the light, the love, the truth and the life. Visualize the crystal to connect with Jesus. Feel the love and salvation that Jesus gives you. Take his comfort and get well.


JO'ANADAS - The Energy of the Pyramid

The pyramid of Giza is an initiation pyramid. Feel the love of divine reality and connect with the energy of God that is anchored there.

Crystal KRYON

KRYON - Kryon Energy

Kryon of the Magnetic Service, an angelic group that has built the planetary grid and is making a significant contribution to the ascension of Mother Earth. Visualize the Crystal of Kryon Energy and breath the magnetic waves in you.

Crystal LAY'O'ESHA

LAY'O'ESHA - Freedom

Freedom is a high energy and when it is released, it starts to work with great radiance. Become free in your work, in your being, in your thinking. Blast the shackles that bind you. Free yourself from being as others want to see you. Be what you are and know: as you are, you are wonderful. The divine reality and the energy of freedom does not press, does not intervene. Full of love, it shows you that you are a divine human being on earth.


LI'ALL'HAMBRE - Origin energy Shekina

The field of origin of Shekina is a feminine and pure God field. Many men come from this female field of origin. When Lucifer separated from the divine Merkaba and hit 389 planets as a hail of comets and dragged them down with him, most of the male energy of our planet was dragged into the depths. It took a great deal of feminine energy to achieve balance. In the Golden Age, many men were created as warriors of light who fought for the light. Through the original frequency Shekina, they received a lot of feminine energy that they brought with them to earth.

Crystal LI'MA'VA

LI'MA'VA - Father principle – mother principle, vibrating freely

Belonging to the 5th chakra. Outer and inner dialogue, authenticity, joy in expression, creativity, expansion of abilities, pride in oneself, expression of honest feelings.

Crystal LOTUS

LOTUS - The New Consciousness

LOTUS is the crystal that brings you into the new energy. LOTUS causes a reprogramming of your DNA. Visualize LOTUS and feel your energy being raised and your light body spreading. Feel LOTUS advancing into your cells and into your DNA.


MANCHAHAL - Holy Grail Redemption

Freedom, Courage, Prosonodo Light, Priesthood, Emerald Tablets of Toth, Wisdom of the Angelic Beings, Connection Sound

Crystal MARANA

MARANA - Cosmic Journey

Travel through the Stargate and experience divine reality. Be free of expectations and imaginations during your travels. Accept everything you see and feel. Do not judge it and do not try to explain it with your mind.

Crystal MARAS

MARAS - Crystal for Magnetism

The protective crystal for electric fields. The crystal MARAS protects electrical fields (technical devices) from magnetic energy that your light body emits. Likewise, MARAS protects your light body like a protective cover from electrical radiation, e.g. Mobile phone radiation, etc.

Crystal MERA

MERA - Star Companion

No matter what you see or feel during your travels through the Stargate, there is always someone there, there is always an energy around you. Send this being AN'ANASHA and ELEXIER, for it is your companion who pays attention to you and protect you.


MINA'ADJANA - Initiation of Lady Shyenna into the White Priesthood

With this crystal you can initiate Lady Shyenna into the White Priesthood. Put him at the top of your heart ray and give Mina'Adjana with your heart ray to Lady Shyenna. The initiation has already been taken in a collective, but the energy feeds with each transmission of the crystal.

Crystal MOHA'RA

MOHA'RA - Pure Thoughts

Learn to think consciously and free yourself from valuations. Remove your thoughts from the convictions of society and go neutral whenever possible. Send the thoughts that come from your ego, MOHA'RA. By doing so you free yourself from all valuations, and you begin to awaken the real power in you.

Crystal MONA'OHA

MONA'OHA - Trust

Trust in your divine guidance and realize that everything that happens serves your highest good. But remember, first you have to trust yourself before you can trust other people or the spiritual world. Trust in your divine power.

Crystal MONASH

MONASH - Security

Visualize MONASH, let yourself fall and surrender to the spiritual world. In divine reality, you are safe and protected. Nothing can happen to you.

Crystal NASHA'O

NASHA'O - Purification

Purify yourself of energies that you find heavy and blocking. Visualize the crystal NASHA'O and feel how golden light envelops from divine reality and purifies your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.

Crystal NEKTUM

NEKTUM - Recollection

Remember your task and your origin. Remember that you are a divine human. Awaken your physical part and go into your creativeness. Visualize NEKTUM and you will feel and know who you are in divine reality. Remember the task that you carry as OM TAT SAT.

Crystal NION

NION - Release

At some point, there comes the time when one separates oneself from old patterns and habits. Say to thoughts and beliefs that you want to discard, AN'ANASHA and release them with the crystal NION of your self. Put down the old one just as a snake is skinning. Look gratefully and respectfully at the left behind, because it has led you to where you are today.


NU'A'TRENDA - Absorb energy

This crystal absorbs the highest energies from the Lentos era.

Crystal NUBI

NUBI - Absorbing Divine Reality

Be aware that you live in an illusion that you have created for yourself. The crystal NUBI takes you back to divine reality step by step. Visualize NUBI and recognize the divine reality. Feel the love and the power that exists in divine reality. Take them on in you and move your focus from the illusion back to divine reality.


NUDRA'ZENTRA'EKTARES - Holy Grail Perfect Sound

Total inheritance of God, Ten Commandments of Moses, Emerald Tablets of Toth, Sword Excalibur, Writings of John, letter from the Son of God, and much more

Crystal O'SHANA

O'SHANA - Light Companion

Even in the deepest darkness of illusion, you have a companion who protects you and watches over you. Feel the presence of your O'SHANA and send him AN'ANASHA. Search for dialogue with O'SHANA. O'SHANA will help you in all situations of your life and will never leave you.

Crystal OM'TAT'SAT

OM TAT SAT - Lightworker

You are an OM TAT SAT. You have a task. Draw your attention to your strengths. Draw your attention to the power that you carry in you. Complete your task.


OMAR TA SATT - Lightworkers Greeting

OMAR TA SATT generates the energy of being welcome. Accept every human, however he may meet you. Get rid of values and norms and realize that you are mirroring yourself in your counterpart. Pay attention to what feeling you send to your counterpart.

Crystal ONAR

ONAR - Calmness

Go to your center and find your peace there. Nothing on the outside can take away that calm that you carry deep inside of you. Focus on ONAR and feel the peace that emanates from your heart.

Crystal OSAM

OSAM - Healing

OSAM heals all your wounds. OSAM heals your mental, emotional and physical body. You can also send OSAM over time and space, allowing healing to yourself, your soul parts or other people. Also think of Mother Earth who needs healing so badly.


PRADISHO - Holy Grail Blessing

Freedom, love, appreciation, humility, priesthood, healing

Crystal PRADNA

PRADNA - Strength

Awaken PRADNA in you. Commit to your strengths and feel the power that flows to you from the divine reality. This leads you into your divine power.


RA'DA'SHA'NORI - Light of life, expression of trust and security

Belonging to the 3rd chakra. Tolerance, self-esteem, self-love, compassion, acceptance, enthusiasm, affection, human love.

Crystal RADA'SO'AM

RADA'SO'AM - Light Absorption

With this crystal you can absorb light into your body. Visualize RADA'SO'AM. Inhale ANA through your heart chakra. Feel how ANA penetrates every cell of your body.


RANA'SO'HAM - Origin energy Elohim

The frequency of the Elohim is closely connected with the throne angels and the merkabah of the divine thought field. There are many guardians of the energies here. The Elohim frequency guides the structure in the universe. You will also find the angels of grace in the frequency of the Elohim. They radiate with its light healing energy. The people who come from this frequency have a lot of responsibility and are strong-willed. The same applies to them: once they have decided on something, they go their own way very straightforwardly.

Crystal RUNA

RUNA - Abundance

RUNA brings you the abundance. Beyond the stargate there are no limits and no shortage. Feel the abundance as it flows to you. But remember, you will always receive only what you are willing to give! Send an energy frequency of wealth and abundance, and you will receive RUNA.

Crystal SADNA

SADNA - Opening

Visualize the planet earth (Sol'A'Vana) with your spiritual eye and look at the planet. Your heart ray circulates in your light body. Open your alpha and omega chakra. Put the SADNA crystal at the tip of your heart ray. Go through your omega chakra into the nine layers of Lady Gaia (Lady Shyenna) and let the SADNA crystal swing clockwise in a circle nine times in each layer. Say the name SADNA in each layer. Then use the SERUS crystal.

Crystal SAI'DA'SVA

SAI'DA'SVA - Unconditional love for the divine

Belonging to the 4th chakra. to see yourself as perfect, to let God awaken in yourself, to experience deeper levels of love, to give and take, to feel self-love.


SAMURAS - Holy Grail Forgiveness

Forgiveness, surrender, humility, trust, love, magic

Crystal SAVIER

SAVIER - Humility

Sometimes it is not easy to walk the path of humility. Humility means following God and acknowledging your own divinity. Sit over the expectations of your ego. Be grateful and recognize what you have achieved so far. Visualize the crystal SAVIER and you will be able to walk the path of humility to reach your destination.


SCHANDARA - Holy Grail Magic

Freedom, Love, Forgiveness, Priesthood, Sword Excalibur, King Arthur


SELESTRA'NORVE - Origin energy Christ

The Christ energy is the bearer of the energy of redemption and the bearer of freedom. People who come from the Christ frequency are people who perform their service on earth with great devotion. They are people with a big heart. They have a deep understanding of other people and their concerns.

Crystal SERUS

SERUS - God's blessing

Before you use SERUS, use the SADNA crystal. Visualize the planet earth (Sol'A'Vana) with your spiritual eye and look at the planet. Your sinus beam circulates in your light body. Open your alpha and omega chakra. Place the SERUS crystal at the tip of your sinus beam. Go through your alpha chakra into the nine layers of Lady Gaia (Lady Shyenna) and let the SERUS crystal swing counterclockwise in a circle nine times in each layer. Speak in each layer Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai'Tsebayoth.


SHADEES - Holy Grail Resurrection

For our planetary consciousness, SHADEES is a blessing, because it supports the transformation process of the planet consciousness and stabilizes at the same time the divine reality fields and strengthens the energy lines along the Earth grid. For human consciousness, SHADEES first of all means a lot of power and strength in the aura field and light body. SHADEES supports the connection of energy aspects, which in turn leads to the expansion of your abilities. Energies can be much more easily absorbed and stored. It can also lead to slight light body symptoms, since the energy is very intense. Therefore, it is very important to ground every day at all levels and to connect with the inner helpers.


SHAN'THIE'MAA - We serve you forever

This crystal bears the tones "We serve you forever". With him you will be able to perceive your personal angel group and your golden angel much more intensely. You can use the crystal as you like. It is also a crystal of intent.

Crystal SHEN'A'MAA

SHEN'A'MAA - White Priesthood Crystal

The white priesthood is a priesthood of freedom with no vows or promises. It unites all priesthoods in itself. The crystal promotes the power and strength of your priesthood abilities. The priesthood described here has nothing to do with any secular religion or belief. In all epochs the priesthoods have worked to increase the energies on Sol’A’Vana and in people in the midst of duality through the connection to the divine source. There are the golden, the red, the blue and the white priesthoods with different areas of responsibility. The white priesthood removes all patterns that are no longer useful from the previous incarnations of priests, leads to the freedom of the New Age and unites the powers of all priesthoods with God's breath Sol’A’Vana.


SHEN'ARIN - Human Love

Human Love is a carrier of the highest energy, because through Human Love you experience yourself and your divinity. Human love is an integral part of your life. Every human being has the longing to experience and live the human love. Unfortunately, there is a conflict in human love. Also, relationships between parents and children are often fraught with problems. This is also because many parents and children struggle to live up to the expectations that are placed on them.

Crystal SHERIN

SHERIN - The wise being from Venus

SHERIN lives on Venus. Maybe you'll meet SHERIN on your travels. She is wise, gentle and kind. You can also let her show you the Venus.


SHI'A'DRANA - Intention

Your intention flows from your heart and soul. The greater your intention, the more powerful the beings of light will work for you. When you feel joy in your everyday life, you create a great intention. Extend the energy of intention within you and let it spread throughout your system.

Crystal SHIMAA

SHIMAA - Souls light

SHIMAA means in his vibration "The Soul Light". The angels carry the light of SHIMAA and every human being on earth also carries the light of the soul. Our planet Mother Earth is constantly increasing the vibration and energy and is rejoined to the magnetic, divine lines.


SIANA'HAM - Origin energy Starseed

The starseed is a great grid of love. The star seed is made up of billions of lights that are carriers of unconditional love. The people who come from the Star Seed are particularly sensitive and emotional people. They often feel a great longing to return home because they miss their star siblings. On earth these people are often family people. They are carriers of great love energies and are very important for our planet.

Crystal SIAS

SIAS - Feminine Energy

Visualize SIAS, the feminine energy and visualize ELTA, the male energy. Feel the balance between female and male energies in your body and find your center.

Crystal SIRIUS

SIRIUS - Planet Sirius

The inhabitants of Sirius are technically sophisticated. Maybe you'll do a star journey to Sirius. Sirius has universities where you can get schooling.

Crystal SO'A'OREA

SO'A'OREA - Pass on

The crystal carries the energy of Lentos as well as the Prosonodo light. With him you can transfer energies - as it is right and good.

Crystal SOL'A'VANA

SOL'A'VANA - The perfect sound

With SOL'A'VANA, a crystal with the creative power of highest energy was brought to you directly from the divine source. This crystal is the king crystal, the crystal of the crystals. When this crystal is embedded in your merkabah, the crystal will make you feel that boundaries that you have set for yourself dissolve. You will feel peace, serenity, security and joy in your life.

Crystal TAHI'TAA

TAHI'TAA - Mindfulness

TAHI'TAA is very closely connected to the spiritual energy in you. The mindfulness that strengthens and expands your intention, that lets you be in the here and now, that supports the basic trust and brings you into the calm and the silence, the Golden United Chakra.


TAN'ATARA - Zest for Life

Realize that you have everything to be happy. Feel the perfection in you and your environment at every moment. Then you will feel the true joy of living here on earth.


TANA'ATARA - Serenity

Serenity means seeing through the game of duality. Be wise, trust in the workings of divine reality and know that truth seeks its way. Realize that you already have the solution for every problem in you. Visualize TANA'ATARA and feel calm and serenity.

Crystal TARA'DOS

TARA'DOS - Peace

TARA'DOS be in you and TARA'DOS be with you. Turn away from feelings that come from your EGO and go into neutrality. For where the peace of God is founded, you will find TARA'DOS in you. Carry TARA'DOS out and create TARA'DOS in your environment - an important task for an OM TAT SAT.

Crystal TEEAS

TEEAS - The Group

In the group we are strong. ELEXIER connects us and gives us strength. Feel TEEAS as she supports you, gives you support and strength. One for all, all for one. Send the Crystal TEEAS to a group, and the energy will increase.

Crystal YA'NA

YA'NA - The balancing joy

Belonging to the 2nd chakra. zest for life, openness, dedication, merger, demarcation, harmony.

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